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23 October 2000

Q: How does it help ?
A: Every people using Apt-Torrent is sharing the downloaded torrent packages in cache. this way the more popular are the package you are using, the quicker you’ll download it. Furthermore, the more people are using the same package, the more bandwidth is saved for the official package seeder.

Q: Why using an http server for .torrent files ?
A: This way the downloaded files can be controlled the same way than official packages, even if the data are fetched from the bittorrent network. Bittorrent protocol supply a quite secure way to verify the package integrity against the .torrent file informations.

Q: Can I set the apt-torrent-server and the http .torrent server on the same machine ?
A: Of course you can.

Q: Why is it slow ?
A: At the moment, I’m running the sample seeder with my ADSL home connection. Furthermore, since this program is new, not many people are using it.

Q: What are the current packages available ?
A: At the moment, with the default testing configuration, the 100 largest binary packages from the Unstable/Sid Debian distribution are available.

Q: Known limitations
There is no progress bar during package downloading. Since the package is fetched using the BitTorrent protocol, we cannot "stream" it directly to apt because the downloaded parts of the files are not ordered. The end or the middle of the file can be downloaded before the beginning.

Q: License ?
apt-torrent is released under the GPLv2 license.
(See the source code for complete license text).

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